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Covid 19 - a new chapter

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Well it's not very oblivious to many about kerala making headlines on national and international channels through their preemptive strategies to curb the disruptive virus covid -19 .The medical and health department workers sacrificed so much that we performed so well in terms of recovery rates and new positive cases recorded.

A major challenge for the pandemic defense in india were that the asymptomatic cases where the patients had no clue how they got infected and they got tested as a part of the procedure mandated when they were admitted for different reasons. Also it is important to note that people wouldn't dare to test unless they felt really sick , completely aware of the commotion a person who had tested positive has to go through ( tracing route maps , facing flak from public - specially neighbours , family).

I cant help but blame the opportunist , manipulative medias( print , television both) for the phobia that has been deeply imprinted into the minds of the public , about this novel virus.'Little knowledge' is a very dangerous thing which is apt for what general public has been going through .By the end of this pandemic half the people would have anxiety disorders on their peak with the economic recession adding to their misery.Unless this fear is addressed and ridden off , it wont be possible to persuade public to participate in testing which is an indispensable step to defend the spread.

People must be wary , not panic about it.

There are only two category of people that I always felt sorry amidst this ordeal.

• The expatriates : A lot of them had to face abomination and dejection from their own family members for returning which is the worst thing and it clearly showed literacy rates are just ratios.

• Medical department : Despite all the sacrifices and hardwork the community level spreading has started because of the negligence of native people themselves.

But I don't see any point in the blame game anymore .Well truth is ordinary citizens are struggling to pass a day without income when their small scale businesses have been impacted with forced demand decrease .Also these people cant afford to stay home like the self righteous rich public demand without empathetic premonition about the way things really are .At the end of this season, the Covid 19 will eventually become a part of every person's life just like influenza had become.The vulnerable will perish and fittest will survive.Darwin was so intuitive , wasn't he?

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