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Covid 19 - Impact on oil & gas careers

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

On the eve of April 30th '20 , I got this wonderful opportunity to attend a webinar on "COVID-19 Impact: What does it mean for your O&G Career?".The session was impeccably hosted by Garima Gayatri ( hatsoff to you ) for guest speakers Sofija Janosevic, Human Resources Director, The Energy Year and David Vaucher, Director, Cost & Technology Group, IHS Markit . Ranging from Energy transition , Money changing hand , platform utilisation , problem solving , lowering hire risk to even maintaining the boundary between work and family which is a challenge amidst the pandemic induced work from home scenario. Totally liked the analogy Mr David had brought with Well reservoir engineers with automation dexterity and the need to learn and acquire new skills to survive in the industry. Thanks to Energy dais and UPES for this opportunity. I have made a brief recreation of the session through a humble virtual presentation here.

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