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MY COVID -19 DASHBOARD -( INDIA as on 3rd November, 2020)

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I made an interactive COVID -19 Dash board using tableau.This dash board has been divided into 4 parts:


2.Confirmed Cases


4.Total Deaths

*All informations are state wise - kindly hover your mouse over the states*

Infact I was just halfway through completing a course on coursera that taught me the fundamentals on working with tableau and when the lag started to hit my enthusiasm, just thought that it was time to level up a bit which inspired me to browse youtube videos on the tool and i was amused to see such vast amount of resources for free .So this is the formula to augment your coursera learning on such tools. After completing a course , take some time exploring youtube videos to reinforce and substantiate your understanding . And instead of posting a certificate , take some time to create a humble project using the tool and try publishing that instead just like me ;)

I have sourced all the data from

Be safe and stay healthy !!!

Access my dashboard here : (Click to view)

(Try to use a Laptop or tablet and view it in presentation mode for convenience)


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