Who is an SPR?

SPR - Student Placement Representative.

 SPR is an intermediary who represents the batch to the career service department and ensures seamless two way flow of communication between both the levels.

" I'm fortunate and thankful to Mrs Arti Singh ( Deputy manager , Career service ,UPES )  for believing in me . This position has motivated me to master many administrative tools and also acquainted  me to multi tasking , diplomacy and code of conduct in a corporate environment."

~Akhil Krishnan~


What I basically do?

SPR - Work flow

Work flow of an SPR
Careerservice -SPR-Students (LOOP)
Job description - 3 Phases

Batch Presentation
MBA (Oil & Gas  management)
(2019 -21)


Are you Hiring ?

"I can connect you to the career service department  of UPES. Our Students are Industry ready and proficient enough to take on the Energy Sector"


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Student Placement Representative

Department of Energy Management

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies ,Dehradun

Work flow of an SPR

This is the work flow of an SPR. We have to focus on our academics as well as ensure seamless communication between students & career service.